icetrack AG

"Mankind is always at the mercy of water for survival and development."

Kofi Annan, World Water Day 2002

Water is the basis of human life and due to the increasing demand one of the most valuable resources of the future. According to estimations 1.1 billion humans do not have access to clean drinking water at this stage; more than 5 million humans die from bad water conditions each year - ten times as many humans as are yearly killed in wars. The world-wide water scarcity will increase considerably in the next years. Up to the year 2050 about half of all humans will have no more access to a sufficient quantity of fresh water.

icetrack AG has found a solution which is both economically viable and ecologically acceptable: we have developed new concepts in materials technology and transport methods to exploit the vast quantities of readily-available, unpolluted water contained in the countless icebergs which break away from the Antarctic ice sheet and ice shelfs each year.